Thursday, December 27, 2012

Journeys Through the Past

A blog about the recorded output of Neil Young. This is not about collecting rare pressings or noting what type of equipment was used when, it is simply one man's look at the back catalogue of a singular and intriguing artist. It will not consist entirely of empty praise or gushing fanaticism (though gushing praise and empty fanaticism might occur).

The idea is to post articles every week or two on each album (both core albums and satellite releases including live albums, collaborations, soundtracks, etc.), covering them all eventually. I hope to write something somewhere between a critical analysis, a fan's eye view and historical overview. Where appropriate, I will draw on sources such as interviews, Jimmy McDonough's biography Shakey and Young's own memoirs Waging Heavy Peace (amongst other works) in order to give as complete a picture of these albums as possible. However, I will not allow this blog to become a dry, academic list of facts and dates. This is a project started by a fan for other fans (and hopefully, in the long run, it will convince my wife that Neil Young is actually well worth listening to!).

With any luck, someone will read these articles and get something from it. In any case, I'm driftin' back.


  1. I'm looking forward to your posts! Believe me when I say it's not an easy task.


  2. Thanks Wardo, the next post is forming now and hopefully will be up in a few days. No prizes for guessing what album it is though!